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Tactegra Integrated Process Solutions (T.I.P.S.)

At Tactegra, we understand that the most efficient company has the advantage in today’s economic environment. So we designed a disciplined approach to assist our clients in improving operational efficiencies and eliminating waste. The Tactegra Integrated Process Solutions, or T.I.P.S., is a solution set designed to help organizations study their current business process infrastructure and develop new methods to improve productivity, manage operational risk, and reduce operational costs. Our process consultants examine the way your organization operates, its long-term performance goals, and recommend ways it can work more seamlessly and achieve overall improvement. So if your company is seeking improvements to methodology and process infrastructure, we have some T.I.P.S. for you.

T.I.P.S has four basic service offerings. Each offering can be applied mutually exclusive of the other, or all four can be used progressively:


An advisory assessment is an integrated and comprehensive documented evaluation of your organization’s process infrastructure. This thorough assessment, conducted by our experienced process consultants, gives organizations clear insight into their efficiency gaps, while providing a thorough real-life representation of the interaction between their people, process and technology. An invaluable tool for finding inefficiencies and waste, our assessment provides organizations the opportunity to make recommended efficiency enhancements or work with us to create new workflow designs. Based on our assessment, we work with you to create a customized action plan that’s right for you.

Independent Risk Controls and Testing

Tactegra has a unique process-based approach to managing operational risk in banks of all sizes. Utilizing Tactegra developed I-ACT (Identify, Assess, Control and Test) framework, we focus on end-to end integrated processes (to include people and systems) while completing in-line and after the effect independent testing of control effectiveness. Our quantitative testing methodology focuses on High Risk Processes (HRP’s) and the effectiveness of the associated Quality Assurance and Quality Controls (QAQC). Our goal is to produce action plans which will strengthen a bank’s RCSA program capability, mitigate its exposure to losses, and enhance regulatory (FRB and OCC) reporting.

Efficiency Enhancements

Tactegra uses highly skilled consultants to execute process enhancements based on gaps identified during an assessment or gaps identified by you, the client. This solution is aimed at enhancing business efficiency by improving the client’s process capability and eliminating waste. As a core outcome of this service, our process consultants will develop a plan to assist you in managing the continued health of the process.

Workflow Design

When your business needs have changed or standard practices are deteriorated to the point of non-existence, you need our Process Design Consultants to reconstruct or develop efficient workflows. Based on customer requirements and business needs, our workflows are designed with built-in customized flexibility, standard work features, various levels of process performance, measurement systems, and other efficiency design specifications. Our goal is to create a workflow design that truly represent your business and customer needs while optimizing your business’s performance.