Products and Services

Business Consulting

Tactegra Business Consulting is the heart & soul of our organization.  We offer innovative solutions for the complex problems faced by our clients on a daily basis.  From strategy development to implementation, our consultants are armed with a variety of expert industry knowledge and insights that transcend the mainstream.  Keeping the unique nature of our client’s business at the forefront, we bring a distinguished problem solving approach to improving our client’s business performance as a core capability.

This solution is specifically focused on clients engaged in enterprise or business transformation.  This service also provides optimal solutions for clients experiencing recurring problems that adversely impacts overall business performance.

  • Assigned Resources: Director, Senior Consultants, and Consultants
  • Resource Education: Advanced Degree
  • Resource Specialty: 10-15 years industry specific experience
  • Location: 100% client site
  • Duration of Engagement: 6 months minimum

Staff Augmentation

Tactegra staff augmentation is geared towards assisting those clients who do not have the required resources to complete their mission. Our consultants and skilled resources uphold the highest standard of excellence. With staff augmentation, our people become an extension of the client team instead of being driven by a contracted body of work with defined results. Clients retain control and accountability by directing the day-to-day activities and tasks with our co-located personnel, while Tactegra’s leadership still provides oversight and direction as needed.

This solution is primarily geared towards clients needing the right skillsets to augment their current organization structures.  This solution is primarily task oriented and will be suitable for clients with a specific task over a specific period of time.

  • Assigned Resources: Analysts, Project Managers, and CI Experts
  • Resource Education: Business Degree & Skill Based certification
  • Location: Client/Tactegra site as per client needs
  • Engagement Span: 6 months minimum

Note: Specialized client specific skills can also be available through Staff Augmentation

Active Remote Model

Tactegra’s Active Remote Model (ARM) is an alternative for clients who currently use or are considering Off-Shoring or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).   Our ARM team works at a Tactegra location and is dedicated to you.  The outcome is a reduced risk, but price competitive solution.   The client retains control of the work, while Tactegra manages the resources.

This solution is designed as a skilled resource business model for high volume, full time roles and typically requires a minimum of five resources per engagement, and no interviews required from the client.

  • Assigned Resources: Analysts and Project Managers
  • Resource Education: Bachelors Degree & Skill Based certification
  • Location: Local Tactegra facilities
  • Duration of Engagement: Starting at 6 months, 40 hours/week

Technology Integration Support

Tactegra understands that every business has a forthcoming plan to transform its existing hardware and software infrastructure.  Tactegra technology integration support ensures the successful implementation of  technology rollouts by giving clients the right resources, at the right time, for the right job.  Whether an ERP system implementation or an enterprise PMO; Tactegra’s technology consultants will ensure that all of the variable components are synchronized throughout the initiative lifecycle.

This solution is specifically focused on clients who are implementing strategic technology initiatives such as SAP and Oracle ERP systems.  It is also preferred by clients engaged in strategic technology transformation and have developed an EPMO structure.

  • Tactegra Assigned Resources: Director, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Project Managers, and Agile Experts
  • Resource Education: Advanced Degree & Skill Based certification
  • Resource Specialty: 10-15 years industry specific experience
  • Location: 100% client site
  • Duration of Engagement: 6 months minimum

Continuous Improvement

Tactegra’s Continuous Improvement solutions are one of the fundamental services of our firm. As a core proficiency in our offerings since our inception, we bring a differentiated and flexible approach to continuous improvement and robust business problem solving.  Whether utilizing our unique problem solving framework to resolve operational issues, or developing a unique CI program that captures the value of your business’ culture, our world-class team of CI master experts will get it done.

This solution is specifically focused on clients whose focus is Operational Excellence program implementation or Process Infrastructure Transformation.  This solution is also of keen interest for clients experiencing recurring process based problems that adversely impact the business.

  • Tactegra Assigned Resources: Director, Senior Consultant, and Consultant
  • Resource Education: Advanced Degree & Skill Based certification
  • Resource Specialty: 10-15 years industry specific experience
  • Location: 100% client site
  • Duration of Engagement: 6 months minimum

Training and Direct Hire Staffing

Since 2008, Tactegra has been delivering preeminent, industry benchmarked Lean and Six Sigma trainings and certifications. Our Master Black Belts and Lean Masters bring years of pragmatic, project-based experience across a multitude of industries straight into the classroom. Tactegra’s thinking centers on the “how,” which is why we are steadfast in our commitment to deliver the tools, steps, and processes necessary to put theory into practice; producing tangible business results. Training ranges from Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt certification programs to unique, hands-on implementation style workshops and project management.

In addition, Tactegra partners with our clients to source, test, and validate candidates for direct hire; ensuring they will deliver results as intended for positions difficult to fill such as CI, Six Sigma, Lean and Analysts.  Our multiple years of hands-on expertise in these fields provide us with unique insights into candidate assessment which allow us to select candidates with the right amount of technical skill and aptitudes congruent with client expectations.