Products and Services

The Assessment

Arguably, the most critical piece. If we simply assume what the issue is based on an email or phone call, the rest of the process will surely suffer. Upon engagement, Tactegra deploys experts to conduct detailed, end-to-end analyses of the client’s process to gain insights into the root cause(s) of the pain points. We subsequently deliver a detailed report of recommended, impactful solutions aimed at resolving the key issues with pin-point accuracy. For clients seeking Continuous Process Improvement expertise, Tactegra experts will assess both the skills and capabilities of the individuals, as well as the readiness of the organization to achieve the desired goals.

Strategic Advisory

Engaging in Business Process Transformation and Continuous Process Improvement without a plan or strategy is wasted energy, plain and simple. Successful organizations and industry leaders all have one thing in common – a shared direction that employees and stakeholders can reel off like the Pledge of Allegiance. This anchors the organization and gives purpose to action.

At Tactegra, we engage with our client’s leadership team to assist them in navigating the choices available to them based on the goals they are attempting to achieve. Our consultants play a vital role by capitalizing on their experience (financial services, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and more) and the science of business process synchronization, control modelling, and continuous improvement methodologies to help clients make the best possible choices for their respective organizations.

This core service offering focuses specifically on Business Process Transformation, Continuous Process Improvement, and Governance and Operating Model strategies.


There is nothing worse than hearing from a consultant “what” you should do, and never delivering the “how.” Tactegra came to fruition out of the same frustration. We are known for our ability to deliver the same goals (agreed upon with you, our client) per a straightforward, statement of solutions. We solve your problems for you, and with you.

At Tactegra we offer a wide array of execution-based, services (Process Transformation, Lean Six Sigma) and round it out with demonstrated, Continuous Process Improvement strategies support. This last point is critical, and a Tactegra value-added piece. Building on the solution set and evolving with it is the only way to ensure sustainable change over the long term. Our most recent service, Active Remote Monitoring (ARM), is a cutting-edge technological solution where we monitor the client’s core processes from our headquarters in Concord, North Carolina.

Training and Certification

Since 2008, Tactegra has been delivering preeminent, industry benchmarked Lean and Six Sigma trainings and certifications. Our Master Black Belts and Lean Masters bring years of pragmatic, project-based experience across a multitude of industries straight to the classroom. Tactegra thinking centers on the “how,” which is why we are steadfast in our commitment to deliver the tools, steps and processes to put theory into practice thus producing tangible, business results.

Training ranges from classic Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certification programs to unique, hands-on implementation style workshops.

Staffing Solutions

As a boutique consulting firm in the process solutions market, Tactegra understands that our skill sets are unique. Many of our clients seek out these same, unique skills for defined periods. Tactegra staffing and augmentation solutions are akin to a staffing organization where we offer Management Analysts (Data, Process and Systems Analysts), Project Managers, Lean and Six Sigma Experts at all levels, and Process Specialists to clients in need of a precise skill-set that can be difficult to find. Our Staffing Solutions provides the talent and skills, while the client organization guides the assignments, supervision and governance of the work.

Active Remote Monitoring (ARM) - NEW

As process improvement experts, we know the cost associated with process breakdowns. This cost reduces your competitiveness (increasing your final product/service price) and opens backdoors for your competitors. Also, Tactegra understands how difficult it is to execute process improvements and sustain them over time.

The Active Remote Monitoring (ARM) service is designed to avoid process collapses through proactive monitoring of process capabilities and performance. Our team will remotely monitor your process using the ARM technological solution and will provide process performance details and potential actions. Finally, you will be able to proactively manage your internal processes and focus on other areas to grow your business. ARM will help you to sustain your processes over time and avoid breakdowns.