About Us

When one thinks of a well-oiled machine, functioning at peak performance, all the proverbial springs, gears and levers move in unison. Adeptly designed, each cog does exactly what it is supposed to do. On time. Never more. Never less.

Businesses are often analogously compared. Chaotic environments, inventory debacles, high error rates – these are issues that need to be “greased up.” Yet, greasing up a drive shaft is a tad bit different than greasing up a procurement department. When a company is dealing with the above-mentioned issues, the problem is not an isolated factor. We wish it were that simple.

Founded by Ian Cato and Izzy Sanchez, who have a collective 60 years of banking, manufacturing, finance and health care experience, Tactegra helps organizations to spot and solve business problems. Your business is not an engine. You’d like it to function on time, but you also want more out of your people as well. This is where culture, values, rewards, and a host of other human issues come into play. This is the complexity of business process, and why it lies at the heart of everything.

Tactegra, a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, is your single source for Business Transformation, Project Management, Technology Integration, Continuous Improvement, and Staffing Solution strategies. We know process-based business transformation works because our clients tell us.

Named “Supplier of Year” by the U.S. Postal Service.
$1 billion plus in savings for clients such as: Aramark, Wells Fargo, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Duke Energy.

As a smaller consultancy, we bring a “boutique” approach to the table. Juggling multiple clients is a no-no. We seek mutual matches, and then dive deep. Our headquarters are in historic downtown Concord, N.C. Shoot us an email, pick up the phone, or even better, drop in and chew our ear off. We relish a good challenge!

Our Leadership Team


Ian Cato

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Tactegra, Ian Cato is a seasoned leader in Process Program Design and Team Effectiveness. With a passion for creating a customer centric experience, Ian has a proven track record of delivering profitable results focused on cost optimization and revenue generation. Cato now brings over 27 years of military and corporate experience as a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. His true strength is in understanding the practical aspects of making changes to a company’s way of doing business. Cato’s passion and integrity, combined with education and experience, make him a sought after consultant by companies wishing to align their priorities for success.In addition to his professional accolades, Ian also believes in giving back and being a voice for the future of effective business practices. As a key member of the Advisory Board for the University of Charlotte Center for Lean Logistics and Engineered Systems, Ian contributes to the continuous improvement of training programs that will produce our future leaders.

Industry Experience: Financial Services, Credit Card, Mortgage, Technology, Telecom, Real Estate, Government, Military, Healthcare, Insurance, Hospital Systems, Manufacturing, and more.

The impact of Ian’s passion for improvement has benefited organizations in all industries and geographies, such as: American Broadcasting Corporation, Bank of America, General Electric, Johnson Controls, United States Marine Corps, United States Postal Service, Viacom, WellPoint, Inc. and more.


Ismael “Izzy” Sanchez


Ismael Sanchez, better known to his clients as Izzy, approaches every problem with the dual intellect of an experienced businessman and highly-qualified engineer. As Partner and Co-Founder of Tactegra, Izzy has more than 30 years of experience leading and implementing business improvements and has deployed hundreds of continuous improvement initiatives. The depth of Sanchez’s knowledge comes from having worked extensively with a wide variety of National and International Corporations. During his tenure at American Standard, Sanchez created and delivered a customized Lean Six Sigma program that encompassed 16 plants in 9 different countries from Canada to Brazil. He then spent the better part of a decade at Bank of America, where the institution benefited from the dual effect of multi-million dollar savings and multi-million dollars in increased productivity. In one instance alone, the certifiable results amounted to $253 million in increased performance and efficiencies.

Industry Experience: Financial Services, Mortgage, Real Estate, Technology, Telecom, Manufacturing, Engineering, Government, and more.

Izzy’s optimization of resources (technical, human and facility) has benefited many companies around the globe, such as: American Standard, Bank of America, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, United States Postal Service, Xerox, and more.