Data Analytics

A New Dimension of Capability

Since our founding, our analytics prowess has been one of the most admired traits of our business.  Although seldom seen in the mainstream today, there was a time when the analytical aspect of Lean Six Sigma excited many in business.  Sampling and displaying techniques were leveraged at all levels of organizations to relay fresh information of the past, present and future.  Who could forget the term “analysis paralysis”?  Fast forward to the 21st century.  Our focus shifted to Big Data.  Not only did the data sets expand in size, and scope, but the science and the tools also added a new dimension of capability.

Tactegra Data Analyst and Scientist specialize in this new dimension of capability.  They bring a unique skillset to our clients as they assist them in gaining a full comprehension of their data environments.  Whether using structured data sets and tools such as SQL, R and Python coupled with various visualization tools, and dashboarding techniques leveraging Power BI and Tableau or dealing with unknowns leveraging unstructured data sets, customized tools and machine learning, our experts provide the service of solving tangible business problems while making predictions for the future using via various forms of statistical analysis.  The Tactegra analysts and scientists are degreed and certified in today’s ever evolving Data Management discipline.

With a goal of adding value by assisting our clients in developing trust in their data and understanding the data more accurately, our Data Analysts and Scientist are providing more insights and information, allowing our clients to identify and determine the cause of problems earlier in the cycle, and become an essential member of the client’s problem-solving team.