Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals

Tactegra's program and project managers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who possess a range of competencies essential for managing complex projects successfully. Their skills and expertise enable them to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget, ultimately improving overall project outcomes.

Tactegra's program and project managers are experts in project planning, scheduling, and resource allocation. They are proficient in creating project plans that consider all project requirements, timelines, and risks. They can develop project schedules that ensure that all project activities are completed on time, and they can allocate resources effectively to ensure that the project is completed within budget.

The program and project managers at Tactegra are also adept at team management and collaboration. They have strong interpersonal and communication skills, enabling them to build and manage cross-functional teams effectively. They can motivate and guide team members, promote collaboration, and foster a culture of open communication and feedback.

The use of tools like Smartsheet is just one example of the many competencies that Tactegra's program and project managers possess. They leverage these tools to improve project management processes and deliver exceptional results for clients. However, their expertise goes beyond the use of tools to include a range of skills that enable them to manage projects successfully from start to finish.

From managing a task order or project to providing leadership, oversight and direction to complex programs, our PM’s are experts in all aspects of PMBOK.

Strategies are just as successful as the projects that are completed in support of those strategies.  This reality is the same for both public and private organizations.  Projects are vehicles that help organizations learn, change, adapt, improve, and adopt new processes, products, or technology.  As with any undertaking, whether it be driving innovation through advanced technological implementations or transforming a process leveraging the Lean Six Sigma methodology, there is always opportunity for failure if not managed appropriately by experts.  Those experts are project managers and program managers.

Tactegra Project Managers focus on the success of a single project with a specified deliverable or coordinating the success of a series of related projects and their associated components. The value our project professionals bring to our customers is to maximize the success rate of projects. Our experienced professionals are fully immersed and educated in all aspects of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). Many of our PM’s are PMI certified and follow the lifecycle from “Initiation to Planning to Execution to Monitoring & Control to Closure”.

Whether managing a task order or project or providing leadership, oversight and direction to a program consisting of multiple complex projects, the value our project professionals bring to our customers is to minimize the failure of projects.  Experts in the field have identified that approximately 85% of all projects fail, these failures are driven by a multitude of causes.  Engaging Tactegra project and program managers we mitigate your project pitfall and increase your success rate through experienced leadership, goal alignment, scope management and control, increased communication and efficiency, and world-class customer experience skills.