Ian Cato

Ian Cato, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

A US Marine and Master Black Belt with a formal education in Finance.  This managing partner is a former corporate executive with a long successful history of delivering business results for his former trend-setting powerhouse employers such as Bank of America, GE Medical Systems, Johnson Controls, Kraft Foods, and Wellpoint. 

Whether leading a team of Marines, or the Quality Executive attached to a $35B acquisition, or the problem-solver focused on identifying the black hole where claims valued at millions of dollars were hiding, Ian is always focused on achieving the objective and delivering results. 

Today Ian leverages his experiences to lead Tactegra in achieving its goals while ensuring his partners and clients are left better than they were before Tactegra.  Ian has co-authored two books and served on the Systems Engineering Advisory Board at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Ian holds a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Marquette University.

Ian Cato Tactegra founder