Ismael (Izzy) Sanchez

Ismael (Izzy) Sanchez, Founder & Partner

An engineer with 35 years of hands-on problem-solving experience, Izzy has worked at  many levels of industry.  Starting as a water management engineer with the State of Florida, he then moved into manufacturing of technology equipment where he authored 7 technical patents and worked in Japan, Mexico, and Europe. 

Along the way he became a Lean Master and Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  As an executive at Bank of America he became a mortgage banker driving improvements in lending operations, and then led technology services where he saved the bank over $306 million within a single fiscal year. 

At Tactegra, Izzy has continued to leverage his skills and international background with clients who seek his advice and expertise in innovative problem-solving.  He has authored 4 books and serves as Chairperson for the county waste management advisory board. Izzy holds dual B.S. degrees from Cornell University and a M.S in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester.