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Welcome to Tactegra

A single source provider for any business’ process-based needs.

Tactegra is a process-based consulting firm that helps companies improve the way they do business. We understand that a business with formidable processes and people with heightened problem solving skills are critical to improved revenue growth and reduced operational costs. That’s why we provide our clients with end-to-end solutions ranging from advisory and gap assessment, to implementation, training, and value realization.

Tactegra’s comprehensive Process Transformation Consulting & Training Services create breakthrough and dynamic processes that improve the health of current process infrastructures, while enhancing the problem solving skills of the workforce to maintain and optimize the capability of your processes.

We’re experts in Integrated Process Solutions, Project and Operations Support, Lean Six Sigma, and Organizational Change Management. By aligning our tools and expertise to your business goals, new methods are deployed to decrease production costs, improve operational efficiency, and optimize working conditions. Our people are experienced consultants and trainers focused on creating value for your business.

Coming in 2017

synctank-logo-editSyncTank is where you’ll find our company’s shareable knowledge repository, an interactive database of white papers and case studies. We have ten years of experience in improving business processes. This is our way of sharing our expertise and success stories with you.

Our Clients

Since 2008, we have generated more than $1 billion in results for our clients across the globe.

Welcome to Tactegra