Achieved Strategic Initiatives

Achieving Strategic Initiatives through Delivery Roadmap & Vendor Solutions

The enterprise risk group at a Fortune 100 Company was looking to successfully complete firm wide strategic risk initiatives. Struggling to coordinate efforts across departments and 3rd parties, they required a professional services partner to: 

  • Provide key deliverables on the defined timetable
  • Eliminate confusion between departments
  • Identify cost effective vendors of risk solutions that can’t be built 

Solutions and Results

The Tactegra team defined the desired future state for all initiatives and provided a coherent and logical road map for achieving goals on time. Additionally, strategic tracking of all projects for executive sponsors and stakeholders was established to enable to inter department coordination efforts and ensure deliverables at the appropriate place in the project timeline. Lastly, Tactegra provided expertise to evaluate key buy versus build decisions leading to major cost savings. 

Improved Process Environment

Streamlined and seamless work landscape for all major initiatives to reach desired outcomes. 

Productivity Gains and Savings

DECREASED reliance on 3rd
party solutions

INCREASE in revenue annually

INCREASE in internally constructed solutions for major obstacles impacting
the bank