Department of Justice, Eastern District of New York


Tactegra was engaged by the Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division of the Eastern District of New York to simplify the 475 process, which is utilized by Assistant US Attorneys to request prisoners to appear at Federal Criminal Court proceedings required by judges overseeing the Eastern District Criminal Docket. EDNY has a unique homegrown process that involves using a free-hand Outlook Email Template for in-person, telephone, or video appearance. Once the 475 template is completed, it is automatically sent to the US Marshall Services (aka Prisprod) for prisoners requiring transportation for in-person appearances and routed to the Paralegal Supervisor who prepares a spreadsheet to be sent to detention centers every Thursday.


Tactegra streamlined the 35+ field template by creating an Outlook Form with dropdown boxes.  Tactegra leveraged tailored automation to systematize and satisfy the preferences of the paralegal supervisor for less manual intervention and to support the US Marshals for a more complete informative spreadsheet.


These actions improved the process for AUSAs requesting prisoners and streamlined the roles of the US Marshals and paralegal supervisors on the backend, “increasing tool accuracy and reducing time to manage”.