Experian engaged Tactegra to deploy the "Driving for Growth" strategy program, which aimed to double offshore headcount at Global Delivery Centers (GDCs) across six global locations, including Bulgaria, Malaysia, Chile, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Tactegra's team of experts, including Project Managers, Black Belts, Management Analysts, Business Analysts, Change Managers, and Trainers, leveraged their extensive experience in developing and deploying global resource and quick wins strategies, Lean Six Sigma training curricula, and redesigned hiring processes to achieve this goal.


Tactegra's team performed a detailed organizational assessment of each GDC, analyzing every aspect of the process, from roles and metrics to controls, documentation, systems, policies, and more. After presenting their findings to Experian's global leadership team, Tactegra gained approval to implement their solutions, which included a standard global HR process, a Lean Six Sigma program with training in two languages, and various projects across the six countries to expand facility capabilities. The results were remarkable, generating over $50 million in productivity gains and showcasing Tactegra's ability to transform a large multinational client's business.


Tactegra's project controls were deployed from Los Angeles as the global PMO, coordinating with Nottingham, UK, for enterprise efforts. The success of Tactegra's engagement with Experian demonstrates its ability to deliver innovative solutions that drive significant business growth and reinvestment opportunities. By unleashing the full potential of Experian's offshore capabilities, Tactegra's team helped the company achieve the impossible, leaving a lasting impact on its global performance and capabilities.