Increased Data Integrity & Improved Processes 

Increasing Data Integrity & Improving Processes through Controls Implementation

A revenue management team at a Fortune 100 company was facing a high volume of errors and data integrity issues in their quarterly fee calculation process due to insufficient controls and required professional services partner to:

  • Reduce setup errors
  • Eliminate 100% quarterly audit of all contracts
  • Proactively identify faults and remedy them before processing
  • Solutions and Results

Solutions and Results

To identify gaps in the control library, Tactegra first mapped the current state, quarter-end process and inventoried pre-existing reporting.  Leveraging the client’s data environment, new controls were designed and implemented to inform and detect targeted deficiencies in the fee records thereby, reducing the need for 100% quality control. Tactegra delivered staff  training on control monitoring to increase operational efficiency, reduce audit times, and improve data quality.

Improved Process Environment

Established control monitoring with targeted reporting set to detect errors for correction ahead of quarterly process.

Productivity Gains and Savings

73% Reduction in
QC volumes

Staff trained to focus on correcting identified issues instead of full data audits