Increased Lender Market Share & Competitiveness

Increasing Lender Market Share & Competitiveness for a Top 10 US Bank through Process Design


A commercial lending team at a Top 10 US Bank was struggling to grow market share and looking for a  professional services partner to help them attain their operational, financial, and organization design goals and eliminate:

  • High operational costs
  • Inconsistent customer experience
  • Variation and defect proliferation across regions and people

Solutions and Results

To inform the target state definition, Tactegra leveraged a process decomposition approach with timeline analysis and updated tasking to reduced non-value steps, allow rapid response to client requests, and improve sales force effectiveness.  Rationalizations of staff and locations coupled with a predictive decisioning process led to a sustainable program design that included optimized testing for KPI’s, risk controls, and defect reduction.  

Productivity Gains and Savings

New centralized predictive process to accelerate loan decisioning while maintaining below industry costs to operate

Productivity Gains and Savings

Increase in Loans  closed per FTE

64 to 4
Location consolidation

Head count reduction

Operational cost savings