Medical Center Process Transformation

End-to-End Medical Center Process Transformation

A large medical group serving the low-income population of a major city was struggling with low stakeholder satisfaction and repeated revenue shortfalls. They were seeking a professional partner to:

  • Assess the current state environment
  • Improve stakeholder scores and achieve financial goals
  • Assist in achieving PCMH recognition

Solutions and Results

To uncover root cause, Tactegra deployed an in-depth analysis of patient and provider data coupled with a delayering of the patient flow across the environment. Findings allowed for movement from a physician centric environment to a patient centered care model along with the E2E redesign of the process infrastructure improving third party coding error rates. Finally, Tactegra implemented standards and policies to enable PCMH recognition.

Improved Process Environment

New patient centric care environment with enabling processes and measures. Complimented by PMQI management standards.

Productivity Gains and Savings

50% Reduction in patient wait times

2M Increase in revenue annually

$600K Decrease in rejected claims annually

35% Reduction in claims cycle time