Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA):


The Office of the Chief Risk Officer engaged Tactegra to help TIAA Financial Services (TFS) address critical findings identified during an in-depth Government Regulator review. Government Regulators from the Office of Comptroller of the Currency had identified significant gaps in TFS's day-to-day operations, which were classified as Matters Requiring Immediate Attention (MRIA) and Matters Requiring Attention (MRA). These classifications carry the risk of fines and even the shutdown of an operation.


Tactegra worked closely with key stakeholders from both the risk and operations organizations to produce a slate of projects aimed at achieving the desired state of the organization while addressing the concerns of the Government Regulators. Our team provided expert guidance and leadership, working with TFS to outline the journey to the desired state and execute the necessary projects.


As a result of Tactegra's expertise in risk management and operations improvement, TFS was able to address the critical findings identified by the Government Regulators and move towards a more efficient and effective organization.